Packaging Guideline: Box, Seal & Label Items Correctly

Included in this article is Deadline’s advice on the easiest and safest way to send your packages through the overnight and international service, by making sure your items are boxed, sealed and labelled correctly.

Check that we can accept your parcel on the overnight service:

  • Some goods are not able to go through the standard overnight or international service and is more suitable on our UK Direct or European Direct service. This could be due to size, weight or restricted goods, please contact your local office for full guidance.

Always make sure items are packaged well:

  •  All freight going through the normal conveyance system on the overnight service will need to fit in our standard courier bag or be boxed. You can view our consignment criteria here.
  • We do offer a limited packing service; please contact your local office for full details.

General Rules for Packaging:

  1. Wrap Items individually.
  2. Ensure box has sufficient protection internally to prevent movement in transit, use polystyrene chips, bubble wrap or crumpled paper.
  3. Make sure outer packaging/boxes are strong enough to take the weight of your goods.
  4. Seal the parcel, use strong, reinforced tap on the top and bottom.
  5. Make sure labels are firmly fixed on boxes/bags and ensure the address is clear and accurate.

Ensure you have completed all necessary documentation:


  • When sending an overnight consignment, you must complete an overnight docket. This includes information on all the freight details and delivery details. Click here to complete your docket online or you can request hard copy, pre-printed dockets to be delivered to your account address. For guidance on how to complete your dockets, please contact your local office or your account Manager.


  • For full guidance on the documentation and simple tasks, you will need to follow when sending items abroad, please follow this link. You can also follow this link to our pro-forma invoice. You can contact our Worldwide Manager, Tomas, who will be able to guide you through the international shipment process, please phone 0118 926 8888 and ask for Tomas or email him on