Who should come to work?

All non-essential operational staff should work from home where possible. Due to the nature of our business, management, control staff and drivers will need to attend the workplace. This will be kept to a minimum to run the operation successfully.

Staff working from home will have access to any necessary equipment needed. They will also be in regular contact with management to monitor welfare and working practices.

Protecting people who are at higher risk:

Staff are assessed to identify all that may be vulnerable or are living with someone classified as extremely vulnerable. Ensure that all staff (as per government guidelines) are able to self-isolate and work from home where possible. Provide regular contact and support for staff working at home.

People who need to self-isolate:

If applicable any member of staff displaying Covid 19 symptoms or needing to self-isolate, will be able to work from home if appropriate.

Social distancing at work:

  • Spacing of desks to maintain a 2 metre distance.
  • Increase the frequency of hand washing with suitable disinfectants.
  • Reducing the number of operational staff at each site.
  • Reducing the length of opening hours.
  • Reducing the use of tea rooms.
  • Drivers not coming to the office unless unavoidable.
  • No shared workstations.

Coming to and leaving work:

  • Changing departure and arrival times to reduce congestion.
  • Hand washing instructions and facilities for all entering the building.


  • Use video conferencing if available.
  • Face to face meetings only when essential and 2 metre distancing.

Common Areas:

  • Provide packaged meals.
  • Utilise outside areas for breaks.

Accidents, security and other incidents:

  • Normal fire safety regulations remain in force.

Manage contacts:

  • Minimise the number of unnecessary visits to the offices.
  • Encourage contact via video meetings.
  • Provide sanitisation for visitors.
  • Collect packages from customers preventing drop-ins.
  • Revise visitor arrangements to ensure social distancing.

Providing and explaining available guidance:

  • Provide clear signage on social distancing and hygiene policy.
  • Clear signage of entrance and exit routes.

Keeping the workplace clean:

  • Frequent cleaning of desk, phones and computers.
  • Maintain regular cleaning with outside contractors.
  • Provide adequate hand washing equipment.

Hygiene- handwashing, sanitation facilities and toilets:

  • Provide signs to make staff aware of need to regularly wash hands.
  • Provide adequate hand drying facilities – either electrical or paper towels.
  • Ensure social distancing in toilet areas.
  • Provide hand sanitiser throughout the building.

Handling goods, merchandise and other on-site vehicles:

  • Provide handwashing facilities for drivers bringing in goods.
  • Cleaning procedures for vehicles.
  • Distancing area for incoming packages.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

  • Not required at our sites.
  • Gloves and facemasks for use on customer premises if required.

Face coverings:

  • Support workers who want to use facemasks.
  • Monitor government advice on use of facemasks.
  • Provide drivers with facemasks for use on customer premises.

Inbound and Outbound goods:

  • Only bring necessary goods into offices.
  • Make safe distancing points for dropping off parcels.
  • Single workers to load and unload their own vans.
  • Drivers to have access to sanitising equipment.
  • Drivers to stay in vehicles and not enter building if at all possible.
  • Two man deliveries must use separate vehicles

Communication and Training:

  • Ensure staff have full explanation of safe working practice.
  • Provide training for workers returning to site.
  • Provide means for workers to express any safety concerns.
  • Provide clear visual signage on sanitation facilities.

Work related travel:

  • Minimise non-essential travel.
  • Avoid persons travelling together.
  • Clean any shared vehicles prior to handover.
  • Sales team to work remotely – no sales visits.

Deliveries to other sites:

  • Comply with customer requests for PPE.
  • Minimise contact during payment procedures – electronic only.
  • Minimise deliveries requiring signature.
  • Provide customers with copy of procedures.
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