New Vehicle Cameras

We have decided at Deadline to install cameras onto our vehicles to help us supply a safer fleet, to ensure we serve and deliver to our customers.

At Deadline we want to enhance our duty of care, through these cameras we will be able to reduce the risk to our drivers whilst supporting our employees, customers and other road users.

There are many benefits of these cameras for us as a business, but there are also some benefits to our customers, these include:

1. Improving our drivers behaviour on the road – we will be able to see and deal with accordingly, any complaints that are made against our drivers.

2. We will be able to reduce our CO2 emissions and improve MPG.

3. We can provide target coaching and training by identifying poor driving styles.

4. We will be able to maximise our available resources.

We look forward to the progress in our driver safety and increased benefits to our customers, if you would like any further information, please contact your account Manager or email