NEW Curtain Sider

Exciting news here at Deadline, with our brand NEW curtain side vehicle joining the fleet. Able to carry up to 1200kg pay load and between 6-8 pallets, depending on the size of each pallet.

Why might the curtain side vehicle be of interest to you?

1. The loading and unloading time will greatly be reduced, due to the massive access on the side of the vehicle. Not only will the driver be able to load on quickly but for some items that would need 2-3 people, can be done much more efficiently with just 1 person.

2. You can escape the limitations of first-on/last-off scenario which plagues the traditional vans.

3. Load and unload much easier in situations where loading facilities are not equipped with conventional loading docks.

4. The most important benefit is flexibility of unusual cargo, loading and unloading situations. A curtain siders unique features means you can load difficult size packages much more quickly and efficiently.

If the curtain side vehicle is of interest to you, please phone your local office or email