Covid 19: The Government’s Strategy

The government have announced this week their plan to move through the different phases of this international pandemic, with the Prime Minister stating we must stay alert, control the virus, and in doing so, save lives.
The government have outlined the challenges that face us in the UK as we move into the next phase of response to the virus:

1. This is not a short-term crisis.
2. In the near term, we cannot afford to make any drastic changes.
3. There is no easy or quick solution.
4. The country must get the number of new cases down.
5. The world’s scientific understanding of the virus is still developing rapidly.
6. The virus’ spread is difficult to detect.
7. The government must prepare for the challenge that the winter flu season will bring.
8. The plan depends on continued wide spread compliance.

They have also stated that their aim moving forward will be to ‘return to life as close to normal as possible, for as many people as possible, as fast and fairly as possible….in a way that avoids a new epidemic, minimises lives lost and maximises health, economic and social outcomes.’

With the government’s changes to policy and the advice to all workers who cannot work from home to travel to work if their workplace is open, we want to remind you that we are here to serve all your delivery needs. From our refrigerated and ambient vehicles serving the food production industry, to helping support the construction and manufacturing industry receive all the supplies they need and to doing any urgent, direct deliveries for any scientific research in laboratories or pharmaceutical companies, with our dedicated fleet of drivers.

We are also here to serve all the customers who continue to work from home, delivering any essential equipment or documentation that may be needed.

It may not be just businesses that require our service, we can also deliver gifts or essential items to people self-isolating or struggling with loneliness at home. Our drivers are all fully trained on how to adhere to no contact deliveries.

Please contact your local Deadline office for any quotations or advice with your deliveries.
For more guidance on the government’s policy changes and future plans please visit their website

Stay safe – we are all in this together.