Coronavirus: Safe Practice

Concerns over the Coronavirus are rising daily, if not hourly. We would like to provide our customers with some advice and assurances in relation to the current guidelines.

What protocols have been introduced at Deadline?

• Advice being sent to all drivers regarding driving safe and combatting Coronavirus. Please follow the link below to see these guidelines. Read More.
• Removal of contact signature PODS – drivers have been instructed to take names and take pictures of safe places the items have been left, if instructed. They will knock on doors and then step back to a safe distance whilst you retrieve your item.
• Where possible key staff will work from home with 100% connectivity, with Deadline continuing to provide our usual service.
• All driver tea rooms have been closed to adhere to the safe distance recommendations.
• Educating staff and drivers of all new protocols.

What is our contingency plan?

In the event of a complete lockdown, our IT systems have been designed to be fully operable in a remote location. Meaning our entire staff base could work from home. Working on the assumption that our drivers are still able to be allowed to deliver door-to-door, our services will continue as normal.

Will any of our services be affected during this time?

Should the drivers continue to be allowed to deliver as normal, then our same day service will continue unaffected. We have contingency plans in place should drivers have to stay home for self-isolation or to look after children.

Overnight and International deliveries are currently expected to run as normal. Should there be any changes or developments, we will inform all of our customers and update through our website and all social media channels.

What are the top tips for staying safe whilst dealing with deliveries?

Tip 1 – Go completely digital with PODs, hard copy PODs can be emailed over on request.

Tip 2 – Keep a safe distance away from drivers upon delivery to protect them and yourselves.

Tip 3 – Inform the office staff at the time of the booking if the delivery is going to someone who is self-isolating. The driver can leave the item in a safe place if requested and take pictures of where the item was left.

Tip 4 – Avoid contact with those showing signs of the illness to prevent transmission.

Tip 5 – Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds after touching packages delivered and avoid touching your face.