What are your normal office operating hours and can collections be arranged outside of those hours?

Our offices are open from 8am to 7pm, monday to friday. We will be pleased to provide an out of hours contact number should you require service outside of these times. Please contact your local deadline office for details.

We often need to use a variety of different vehicle types to transport our consignments. It would be useful to understand the carrying capabilities of each vehicle type to help with vehicle requirement decisions. Do you have anything we can use?

The four main types of vehicle we use and their respective load capabilities are detailed below.


  • Max weight: 10kgs
  • Max dimensions (volume): 1’ x 1’ x 1’ (300mm x 300mm x 300mm)
  • Guide: 1 box of A4 copier paper

Small Van (based on Ford Escort)

  • Max weight: 400Kgs
  • Internal Dimensions:
    • Width 49.6" (rear door) (1260mm)
    • Length 71.8" (1823mm)
    • Height 42.4" (1076mm)
  • Guide: Circa 35 boxes of A4 copier paper

Transit Van (based on SWB)

  • Max weight: 1000Kgs
  • Internal Dimensions:
    • Width 60.6" (rear door) (1540mm)
    • Length 96.8" (2458mm)
    • Height 52.3" (1328mm)
  • Guide: Circa 100 boxes of A4 copier paper

Transit Van (based on LWB)

  • Max weight: 1500Kgs
  • Internal Dimensions:
    • Width 60.6" (rear door) (1540mm)
    • Length 126.5" (3214mm)
    • Height 59.6" (1514mm)
  • Guide: Circa 125 boxes of A4 copier paper


  • Max weight: 850Kgs
  • Internal Dimensions:
    • Width 72" (1830mm)
    • Length 144" (3660mm )
    • Height 120" (3050mm)
  • Guide: Circa 100 boxes of A4 copier paper

* Please note that using a box of A4 copier paper as a guide generally means that the vehicle weight carrying capacity is likely to be reached before the volume capacity.

Is there an easy guide to remembering the latest collection times for different worldwide destinations?

Generally speaking the latest collection times for different worldwide destinations can be split into two distinct areas. Firstly the USA, packages destined for the USA need to be at the airport by the absolute latest 4.30pm. This would mean collecting from yourselves by 3.00pm, leaving enough time to get to the airport and complete the necessary formalities. Secondly all other destinations need to be collected from yourselves by no later than 6.00pm. However, quite often special arrangements can be made to extend this time, but need to be confirmed with one of the Deadline offices.

When sending packages abroad I am often asked whether the item being sent is ‘docs’ or ‘dutiables’, what do these two terms mean?

‘docs’ - Generally means all printed matter, for example, quotes, legal documents, tenders etc. ‘dutiables’ - Generally means all consignments other than printed matter, for example, mechanical or electrical components, product samples, packaged goods etc. These terms are no longer currently in use for deliveries within the EU.

What are your conditions and levels of insurance?

For direct sameday deliveries each vehicle load is insured up to a value of £10,000. This figure is for the complete load and not per consignment carried. For overnight deliveries the cover on each consignment is £10.00 per kilo, i.e. a 5kgs parcel is insured for £50.00. Full value cover is available at £10.00 per £1000.00 of cover required.

How do I open a credit account?

You can either fill out an application form now on-line or telephone your nearest Deadline office to arrange for someone to call round or post an application to you.

What are your Conditions of Carriage?